About Us

The Pro Star Story – It’s inspirational!

There’s just so much junk out there.    People are looking to make a quick buck, then disappear and leave their customers in the dust.   We were sick and tired of this.  Why?    It wasn’t until Michael’s grandma was ripped off so badly online, that she ended up getting a stroke.


He knew something had to be done,  and decided to take action.   Instead of selling the cheapest, worst quality, unreliable items he visited trade shows, touched and evaluated products and picked the very best he could find.


Through his rigorous attention to detail, and high quality requirements Michael became a product sourcing expert.   After joining forces with a tech wizard named Johnny S. from Washington, the two set out to create the amazing brand named Pro Star.


Pro Star is all about high quality products that match American Quality standards.  Nothing more, nothing less.    The vision of Pro Star is to provide fast shipping, great customer service and products that last and are reliable.


That is why, if you have any questions, rest assured our customer service team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Even on Christmas Eve if you are in need of help!


We look forward and welcome your business. And thank you in advance for supporting our cause of bringing high quality products customers love to the marketplace!


Kind Regards,

The Pro Star Team

The Pro Star Secret

The reason why our products are loved by many is because they really work.   We invest a lot of time and effort into evaluating multiple manufacturers as not all is created equal.


We then ask the very best we find to create our product according to our spec that is better than the cheap stuff you find on Amazon!

The Pro Star Guarantee

We would sell the products to our friends and relatives without any worry; that’s how confident we are that you too are going to love and recommend Pro Star.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee,  and strive for a full satisfaction rate that will help grow our business through word of mouth (The best form of advertising right?)